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Wood round dining table set. Childrens wooden table and chair sets.

Wood Round Dining Table Set

wood round dining table set

    dining table
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thrifted plate and bowl

thrifted plate and bowl

Found this Homer Laughlin pattern Modern Star at one of the thrift stores yesterday. We got a set of four plates and this sweet bowl, but thinking I might go back and pick up a couple more pieces, especially at 50 cents each.

(One of the four plates is Taylor Smith and Taylor. Did a little research and found that these were plates you could send away for via Quaker/Mother Oats box tops. Both Homer Laughlin and TST made this pattern, but the shape of the dishes is slightly different. The TST plate is slightly more rounded than the HLC.)

$150 - Black & Cherry Round Dining Set w/Chairs

$150 - Black & Cherry Round Dining Set w/Chairs

About 2 years olfd, this set retailed for over $400....sturdy, good quality wood table with cherry finish on top and black finish on legs. Table top has cool grooving that adds a ton of character.
Table has minor wear on top; chairs are in like-new condition.

wood round dining table set

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