8 Foot Folding Tables - Wicker Glass Top Table.

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Wood Legs For Tables

wood legs for tables

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Handcrafted table and bench 4

Handcrafted table and bench 4

My father-in-law hand built this table and benches for kids. It's for sale on Craigslist for $120. If your interested, send me a message for more details.

"I handcrafted this table and two benches out of beautiful native cherry with the intent that this set could be used and passed down for many generations. Mortise and tenon joinery for the table legs and aprons and super sturdy dovetailed benches insure these pieces of furniture are as durable and rugged as they are attractive. A hand rubbed multiple layer child safe finish brings out the cherry woods grain and patina and will stand up well to hard use. This set is easily sturdy enough for mom or dad to sit and engage with their child on the child's level to do arts and crafts, play games, or to have a tea party. Table dimensions: 19 1/2" w X 25 1/2" l X 20 1/2" h. Bench dimensions : 8" w X 17 1/2" l X 14 1/2" h. All edges and corners are gently rounded for safety. This set is sized to accommodate toddlers through mid elementary aged children."

"karambol" table

"karambol" table

we know finding small furnitures for small spaces is not easy.
thus we create a nice table-for-two from a real game board, and teak wood for the table legs to make it extra sturdy
here, we call this game "karambol" or finger billiard.
what is it called in your country?

wood legs for tables

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