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Oval Glass Cocktail Tables

oval glass cocktail tables

  • A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains two or more ingredients — at least one of the ingredients must be a spirit.

  • a short mixed drink

  • an appetizer served as a first course at a meal

  • (table) postpone: hold back to a later time; "let's postpone the exam"

  • (table) a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"

  • Postpone consideration of

  • Present formally for discussion or consideration at a meeting

  • (table) a set of data arranged in rows and columns; "see table 1"

  • a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure

  • A hard, brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent, made by fusing sand with soda, lime, and sometimes other ingredients and cooling rapidly. It is used to make windows, drinking containers, and other articles

  • A thing made from, or partly from, glass, in particular

  • Any similar substance that has solidified from a molten state without crystallizing

  • furnish with glass; "glass the windows"

  • a container for holding liquids while drinking

  • An oval playing field or racing track

  • egg-shaped: rounded like an egg

  • ellipse: a closed plane curve resulting from the intersection of a circular cone and a plane cutting completely through it; "the sums of the distances from the foci to any point on an ellipse is constant"

  • In technical drawing, an oval (from Latin ovum, 'egg') is a figure constructed from two pairs of arcs, with two different radii (see image on the right). The arcs are joined at a point, in which lines tangential to both joining arcs lie on the same line, thus making the joint smooth.

  • A body, object, or design with such a shape or outline

oval glass cocktail tables - Crock-Pot SCV700SS

Crock-Pot SCV700SS 7-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel

Crock-Pot SCV700SS 7-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel

Simply perfect. Simply delicious. Crock-Pot Slow Cookers make mealtime and entertaining more flavorful. Turn the dial to “High” and get a hot meal, snack, appetizer or dip in no time. Set it on “Low” and tonight’s dinner can cook while you’re at work. Or use the “Warm” setting during a get together with friends so your dish stays ready to eat until the party is over. No matter the recipe or the occasion, your Crock-Pot Slow Cooker keeps the temperature steady so your food is cooked to perfection, full of flavor and delicious. To keep clean up easy, the 7 Qt. removable oval stoneware slides right out of the base for easy transport to the table or storage in the fridge. And both the stoneware and lid are dishwasher safe. The stylish, stainless steel finish is perfect for your modern kitchen. Crock-Pot Slow Cookers simplify your day with slow-cooking solutions that fit your lifestyle. Crock-Pot The Original Slow Cooker.

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cocktails @ LIFT Bar & Grill

cocktails @ LIFT Bar & Grill

all the cocktails~ ($8) mine's the berry one. tho that "so pretty" was definitely way prettier!!! tasted nicer too~

they actually have a list of cocktails and a list of martinis ($12)... we opted for the cocktails cuz they are cheaper (haha)... they came like this. so, the martini ones are those actually in martini glasses huh... these days most places just mix the two together so it's quite confusing...



Un vivitar 285, desnudo a 1/4 de potencia, a un metro de una copa de cocktail y una cocktelera, para producir la sombra en la pared.
A 45? de la copa con el cocktail,a las 8h. mas o menos, un corcho blanco haciendo de reflector, que rebota la luz que viene rebotada de la pared contra el cocktail.

oval glass cocktail tables

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